odiNourished Ever After is a nutrition and health lifestyle blog dedicated to inspire its readers to add a little nourishment to their everyday lives. My name is Odisleysi Wadi (Odi), the gal behind the blog. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and Florida Licensed Dietitian (LD). I am a wife, follower of Christ, and avid foodie. Clean crisp rooms, natural lighting, coffee shops, books (Pride & Prejudice is my favorite), and flowers are a few things that make my heart sing. I am an advocate for eating fresh, whole, and of course yummy food! Food that not only taste and looks amazing, but that also makes you feel beautiful, energized, and confident. We should feel natural about eating, and eat what is natural (meaning less processed and artificial foods). Indulging without guilt should also be natural because seriously what’s life without a little cake? Here you will find my tips on eating well, healthy living on the go, and simplistic but beautifully presented recipes. By sharing my love for nutrition I hope to inspire others to embrace a truly nourished lifestyle.