Brussels Sprouts Pizza with Teriyaki Red Onions

I don’t think my love of pizza is a secret to anyone who knows me. My answer for the question, “why this Italian dish?” is the potential for so many toppings and combinations. It’s not the bread or the cheese. It’s the idea of all the possible ingredients that make up the whole. The best part? I can make it healthier…… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts Pizza with Teriyaki Red Onions

Healthy Savory & Sweet Breakfast Toast Recipes

Need some variety in your breakfast? Here are four easy and simple breakfast toast options to help you keep things fun & different in the mornings! Sautéed Veggies (Makes 3-4) 1 tbsp. olive oil ¼ Sliced red pepper 1 Sliced mushroom 1/8 Sliced red onion ¼ of an avocado mashed Salt and pepper Bagel slices…… Continue reading Healthy Savory & Sweet Breakfast Toast Recipes

Perfect Avocado Toast (Healthy How-To Video)

If you’re familiar with the Avocado Toast, you may remember it’s usually made by smashing and spreading avocado on top of toast,then topping with the ingredients of your choice. Not so simple with this one! This pretty little design is not hard to make but it’s not what I would choose to have for weekday…… Continue reading Perfect Avocado Toast (Healthy How-To Video)

Zucchini Brownies [Healthier Alternative]

Brownies are by far one of the worst desserts you could eat, they’re usually full of fat, too much sugar, and loads of unhealthy carbohydrates.  A normal recipe contains about 280 calories in just one brownie, and we all know we don’t just have one brownie. Lucky for us there is a way to make…… Continue reading Zucchini Brownies [Healthier Alternative]

Crispy Chickpea-Sprout [Healthy Curating]

Sometimes serving crackers, grapes, and cheese just doesn’t cut it. Looking to shake things up as a hostess? This Crispy Chickpea-Brussels Sprout combo will forever change how you look at serving appetizers. Not to mention it’s got the healthy snack stamp of approval! Want a full lunch instead? Making it into a sandwich! This combination…… Continue reading Crispy Chickpea-Sprout [Healthy Curating]